For those who are unaware of the SuperEnalotto, it is an Italian lottery that has been creating winners for well over a decade. Draws started at this Italian based lotto back on December 3rd, 1997. Since that time players have been given the opportunity, twice a week, to become millionaires thanks to this game. Draws happen on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and those who play this lotto are participating in what are generally considered some of the world's biggest jackpots.

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Winning this lottery is a very straightforward proposition. A player will choose a total of six numbers (these numbers will fall between 1 and 90). A player whose six numbers match the ones drawn, wins the top prize. Players who have matched three or more numbers will also win cash, but obviously not as much.

With that said, there are spins on the game that make it a bit more interesting. For example, players may also select a "Jolly" number. If player matches five out six of the numbers drawn, but also matches the drawn "Jolly" number, then they win a prize that is greater than if they had just matched the five winning numbers. There is also a "SuperStar" number that players can pay a bit extra to add to their ticket. This number will multiply the winnings of tickets that have matched three, four, or five numbers. Those who have matched only one or two numbers, but have managed to get the SuperStar number as well, their losing ticket becomes a winner.


Until just recently, conventional wisdom suggested that only those who lived within the Italian borders would be able to participate in this fun and lucrative lottery. Some things have changed over the years, and now players from all over the world can play for prizes that have occasionally gone over €100,000,000. A few years back, TheLotter.com came into existence. Lottery fans can use this service to participate in lotteries from across the globe and monitor their progress. In short, somebody who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina can have the opportunity to win millions of Euros in the SuperEnalotto by logging in to TheLotter.com, and using their service to participate in this popular lotto.

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